Multi Repair

Wood rot repair

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  • Can be screwed or tapped perfectly
  • Dry after 45 seconds
  • Perfectly sandable after 15 minutes
  • Very suitable for many types of wood

Finish wood rot repair within an hour? This is possible with the PremTech Multi Repair. Multi Repair is a strong, flexible and high-quality two-component adhesive that is suitable for many types of applications. The product has good temperature resistance, dries quickly and can be sanded after 15 minutes. The Multi Repair is perfectly suited for repair work that requires screwing or tapping into the product after application. The product can also be painted over excellently.

In addition to wood repair, also many other applications

The Multi Repair is suitable for many types of surfaces such as stone, many types of wood, concrete, EPDM, ceramics, glass, plastic, metal, etc. The Multi Repair is also ideally suited for all kinds of applications around wood repair. In addition to its easy finishing, the product can also be perfectly processed on many more difficult types of wood, such as teak.

Wood rot repair within 1 hour with Premtech Multi Repair in practice >>

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Colour: Natural | Packed per 12 | Content: 200ML, 50ML