Shrink & Seal Sleeves

Heat shrink tubing

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  • High shrinking capacity around 70%
  • High insulating capacity
  • Resistant to salt, water, dirt, brine, etc.

Shrink & Seal Sleeves are a specially developed type of plastic shrink sleeve, which are ideal for insulating various electrical cable and plug connections. The product is perfectly suitable for situations in which it is difficult due to the large diversity of plug and cable sizes. The Shrink & Seal Sleeves have a large shrinking capacity of around 3:1.

The heat shrink tubing is also provided with a thermoplastic adhesive core (resin), so that the product ensures a perfectly watertight connection and provides very strong strain relief. The Sleeves are perfect for use where cables have broken off. Another big plus of this product is that it is resistant to all kinds of vibrations, movements and weather influences.

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Colour: Black | Packed per 1 | Contents: 12-4MM, 18-6MM, 24-8MM, 3-1MM, 6-2MM, 9-3MM