Shrink & Seal Connectors are solder connectors that accomplish 3 actions in 1 namely soldering, insulating and sealing various cable connections. It is therefore also the ideal way to create professional wire connections. This can be done with the help of an industrial hair dryer (but also with some practice with a lighter). Due to the Tin in the core, which already melts at a relatively low temperature of 85°C, a perfectly conductive connection is obtained at that moment.

Solder connectors with very good strain relief

At the moment of heating, a thermoplastic bonding core is also melted, so that the connectors also obtain very good strain relief and also become a watertight connection. In short, the ideal way to quickly and effectively connect, split and/or merge electrical wiring with a load capacity of up to 2000 volts!

Various sizes

The Shrink & Seal Connectors are available in 4 different sizes, each associated with a color. The following sizes are available;

  • Transparent 0,35 MM – 0,5 MM
  • Red 0,5MM – 1,5MM
  • Blue 1,5MM – 2MM
  • Yellow 4 MM – 6 MM
Item: 805582
Color: Blue, Yellow, Red, Transparent | Packed per 1 | Content: 50 pieces