Shower drain Seal

  • low-emission
  • Free from isocyanates
  • 135% elongation to break
  • 8 minutes open time / Processing time
  • Anti-fungal

Shower drain sealing based on the latest developments. That is the correct description for our DrainSeal! The product has an open processing time of no less than 8 minutes. This gives you enough time to achieve a good seal around shower drains. In addition, the open processing time is fast enough, so that follow-up work is not delayed.

DrainSeal is based on an isocyanate-free development and is permanently flexible. As a result, the product can absorb the effects of surfaces excellently. When ordering, don't forget the corresponding nozzles to order?

Item: 502425
Content: 50 ML | Colour: Gray | Packed per 24