Self Melting Tape

Self-curing tape

  • Insulates up to 42.000 volts
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Creates a watertight and airtight connection
  • Good UV-resistant

Self Melting Tape is a self-curing tape with a very high elongation to break. The product is extremely suitable for splicing, joining or insulating electrical wiring. The Self Melting Tape insulates up to 42.000 volts.

The product also protects electrical components excellently against water and moisture. Because the Self Melting Tape has no adhesive layer and is easy to remove, the product is suitable as a temporary and permanent solution.

Self Melting Tape is widely used in trucks, boats, control cabinets, automotive, technical services, etc. Due to its protective character, this self-vulcanizing tape can be used in many environments. One can think of interiors or environments in which it is exposed to, for example, dirt and/or moisture.

Item: 502377
Colour: Black | Packed per 12 | Content: 10 M