Seal & Glue

Bonding sealant

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  • Very versatile
  • Smooth processing
  • High final strength
  • Part of the WaterTight System

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Seal & Glue is a high-quality one-component adhesive sealant based on an MS polymer. The product can be used for various bonding and sealing purposes. This can be done on surfaces such as: metal, wood, stone, plaster, glass, clay, lead, copper, concrete and many plastics. In addition, Seal & Glue is permanently flexible and the product achieves a high final strength.

The Seal & Glue is applied to wood, porous surfaces, car bodies and many other surfaces and applications.

Seal & Glue is also an important part of the PremTech WaterTight System. In this system, the Seal & Glue is used to close the corners in bathrooms, before they are sprayed shut with the Spray seal. The Seal & Glue provides sufficient body in this corner, so that the effects of the surfaces can be better absorbed.

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Color: Grey, White, Black | Packed per 24 | Content: 290 ml