Seal & Glue Strong

Very strong adhesive sealant

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  • Very high final strength
  • Can be painted wet-in-wet after 15 minutes
  • Suitable for many applications

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Seal & Glue Strong is a very strong adhesive sealant based on an MS Polymer. Due to its unique properties, the product is very suitable for heavy applications. The Seal & Glue Strong can be used for bonding and sealing on various surfaces such as: metal, wood, stone, plaster, glass, clay, lead, copper, concrete and many plastics. Seal & Glue Strong is permanently flexible and achieves a very high final strength. Due to its rapid skin formation, the product can be painted wet-in-wet after approximately 15 minutes.

Bonding sealant with excellent paintability

In addition, Seal & Glue Strong can be painted over with almost all paint systems. It is important that paints based on alkyd resins are tested beforehand, as these can cause drying delays. The Seal & Glue Strong is used, among other things, on teak decks, glazing, natural stone, wood, car bodies, plastics and many other surfaces and applications.

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Color: Grey, White, Black | Content: 290 ml | Packed per 24