UniSolve Spray

Remove Kit Residue

  • Excellent degreaser
  • Does not affect most paint and plastic types
  • Sealant and glue residue remover
  • Is slow evaporating
  • Includes a Switch Straw

UniSolve Spray has been specially developed for removing sealant residues and for cleaning and degreasing surfaces that are being prepared for further processing. The product does not affect most types of paint and plastic, evaporates slowly and evaporates completely. UniSolve Spray is also excellent for removing adhesive residue, grease, tectyl, oil, wax and silicone. The product is equipped with a special Switch Straw, so that you can switch between a focused spray pattern or a wide atomization.

Remove sealant residue and more

In addition to removing sealant residues, the UniSolve Spray is also used for degreasing surfaces. Especially in sanitary areas such as bathrooms, this product is an excellent partner of the PremSeal. The PremSeal is a unique sealing product that is used, among other things, in bathrooms. In addition to bathrooms, this sealing product is also used for sealing in industrial environments. When the PremSeal is used together with the UniSolve Spray, they are suitable as a team for many types of applications and situations. UniSolve Spray is also a good partner for the Seal & Glue en Seal & Glue Strong.

Item: 800707
Content: 500 ML | Colour: Transparent | Packed per 12