Premium Primer Red


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  • Encapsulates rust
  • Can be painted over after 10 min
  • Very nice spray pattern
  • Unique funding ratio
  • Available in red and grey

Advanced red lead in an aerosol

Menie has been known to all professionals for many years. Because it is basically an excellent product, we also took that product as a starting point when developing the Premium Primer. Premium Primer is a quick-drying primer designed to protect metal surfaces against corrosion. The product has unprecedented anti-corrosive properties and is completely free of lead and chromate.

Premium Primer can be used perfectly on new, bare or slightly corroded metal surfaces. In addition, this product combines a very attractive spray pattern with a unique degree of coverage.

Premium Primer is available in the colors red (Art. No. 800590) and gray (Art. No. 800591).

Item: 800590
Color: Grey, Red | Packed per 12 | Content: 500 ML