PremTef HS


  • Excellent adhesive power
  • Very low coefficient of friction due to PTFE
  • Very good pressure resistance
  • Temperature resistant from -25°C to +260°C

The PremTef HS is a high-quality PTFE oil that is very resistant to pressure and contains a high dose of PTFE. The product is processed with a unique propellant mixture, which makes the PremTef HS particularly capillary. This means that the product "creeps" into the narrowest places and then hardens into a firm grease that stays in the right place for a long time and realizes a long-lasting lubrication.

The PremTef HS has a very high temperature resistance from -25°C to +260°C. The product is also resistant to weather influences, protects against corrosion and displaces water and dirt.

Item: 800598
Colour: Cream | Packed per 12 | Content: 500 ML