Pressure Moulding Tape

Double-sided tape

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  • Very good moisture resistance
  • Repositionable
  • Very high adhesive strength

Need double-sided tape of unprecedented high quality? Then the Pressure Molding Tape is the solution. Pressure Molding Tape is an acrylic-based double-sided tape. The product has a very high adhesive strength. The Pressure Molding Tape has been specially developed for the permanent attachment of various parts that are exposed to heavier loads.

Double-sided Tape that can still be repositioned

The Pressure Molding Tape can occasionally be loaded by chemicals or fuels. By using 2 types of glue, it is possible to reposition the parts to be glued for another 5 minutes. After 5 minutes the tape is fully attached. Do not forget to degrease the surface before applying the Pressure Molding Tape. In most situations, the UniSolve Spray outcome. This product removes old sealant and glue residues and also degreases your surface.

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Dimensions: N/A | Colour: Black | Packed per 12 | Content: 12MM, 15MM, 19MM, 25MM, 6MM