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  • Neutral curing
  • Very flexible
  • Suitable for natural stone
  • Part of the Joint Sealing System

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PremSeal is a specially developed sealant for the permanent sealing of joints. You can think of joints between, for example, natural stone, glazing joints, many types of industrial joints and joints in sanitary areas.

Sealant for durable sealing

Because PremSeal remains very flexible after curing, the product easily absorbs the action of the substrate. In this way a very durable seal is obtained with this sealant. PremSeal can be perfectly used for sealing on, for example, wood, concrete, many types of metal such as stainless steel, tiles, plastics, etc.

Joint Sealing System

With the PremSeal, the best result is obtained in most situations when the product is used with the other products from the Joint Sealing System. The other parts of this system are the Knife Spatulas to finish the kit tight and the UniSolve Spray to remove any sealant and adhesive residues and to degrease the surface. When these products are used together in a sealing, the chance of a good and beautifully finished sealant seam is guaranteed. If you need support or advice, you can of course always contact us. Our advisors are ready to provide you with the support you need!

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Content: 310 ML | Color: Anthracite, Gray, Light Gray, Pergamon, Transparent, Tris, White, Silver Gray | Packed per 24