PremRepair ME

2 component repair

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  • Perfect to dose
  • Can be sanded quickly
  • Beautiful to build
  • Available in white and black

PremRepair ME is a very strong and high-quality 2-component repair product with some unique properties. The product has good temperature resistance, moisture resistance, fuel resistance and resistance to most types of chemicals.

The PremRepair ME has an open processing time of 90 seconds and can be sanded after 10 minutes, so that follow-up work is not delayed. The PremRepair ME is suitable for many types of surfaces such as plastics, metal, ceramics, natural stone, etc..

Various additions

In order to be able to use the PremRepair ME properly, we recommend working with the following components; the 2K Mixer Nozzle to obtain the correct mixing ratio and the 2-K Mixer Gun to process the product. In addition, a substrate must always be degreased well before proceeding with the processing of the PremRepair. ME For synthetic substrates it is best to work with the Plastic Cleaner and for all other substrates we recommend the UniSolve Spray. It is always recommended to test these products on the substrate first.

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Color: White, Black | Packed per 24 | Content: 50ML