PremPlast Cleaner

Plastic Cleaner

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  • Very powerful cleaner
  • Cleans deep into the pores
  • Perfect for plastic surfaces
  • Biodegradable

Restore plastic to original condition

PremPlast Cleaner is a very powerful plastic cleaner that, in addition to plastic, also cleans many types of other materials deep into the pores. Examples of surfaces that can be cleaned with the PremPlast Cleaner are the drawbar box of a caravan, plastic frames, plastic bumpers, black stripes on footwear, etc.

The best result with the PremPlast Cleaner is obtained in combination with the Polish Towels and the Nano Sponges. On rough surfaces or surfaces with a certain structure, it is best to use a long-haired brush.

Helping the plastic cleaner a hand

The PremProtect can be used to provide plastics with a protective layer after treatment. The PremProtect provides nutrition for the plastic and protects the plastic for a long time against all kinds of external influences. It also takes care of embrittlement plastics and rubbers and thus considerably extends the life of these materials.

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Content: 1000 ML, 5 L | Colour: Transparent | Packed per 12