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  • Very high initial tack
  • High final strength
  • 330% elongation to break
  • Perfectly suited for brick slips

PremTack is a high tack kit that we can proudly present as the best on the market. PremTack is a high tack kit for direct and powerful bonding and mounting of practically all building materials and building elements on many substrates.

Due to its extremely high initial tack, the product is extremely suitable for many applications in construction, industry and mobility. Another major advantage of this high initial tack is that the product no longer needs support in normal situations.

The PremTack achieves a high final strength after complete curing. This also makes it suitable for bonding and mounting where long-term loads take place. The PremTack is perfectly suited for bonding brick slips to various substrates.

High Tack Processing

To guarantee the correct thickness and to prevent air entrapment, it is best to work with the special pyramid nozzle. This nozzle, also known as a V-nozzle, is screwed onto the cartridge before application. Then hold the gun completely perpendicular to the surface to be glued. The opening of the nozzle is always on the side where the PremTack should be left behind. If you follow this method, you guarantee a beautiful pyramid and the most ideal application.

no dots

In some situations it seems more convenient / nicer / more efficient to work with dots. We strongly advise against this. The glue connection will not be strong enough with dots. It is best to work with vertical glue grooves. When a distance between the grooves is maintained between 10 and 25 centimeters (depending on the material to be glued), the strongest connection is obtained.

Additional advice

PremTack is best processed with the bonding gun. The special transmission of this applicator makes it very suitable for adhesives with a high viscosity. If you need additional advice regarding our PremTack, please contact us by phone or email. Our advisors will be happy to advise you on this high tack kit!

Item: 102160
Color: White, Black | Packed per 24 | Content: 290 ml