Power & Care Soap

Very powerful hand cleaner

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  • Cleans deep into the pores
  • Effortlessly removes paint, varnish, graffiti, oil, glue and PU
  • Can be used on both wet and dry hands

Power & Care Soap is a very powerful hand cleanser with skin-friendly properties. This special combination is obtained by adding an ester mixture and a nourishing oil.

Hand cleaner with caring effect

The Power & Care Soap is a cream-like product and has a fresh apple scent. This leaves a pleasant scent on the hands after washing. Due to the addition of the specially formulated corn kernel, in most cases no skin irritation will occur with frequent use of this powerful hand cleaner.

Many types of pollution

A professional cleaner can be expected to provide a solution for many types of pollution. You can use the Power & Care Soap, for example, when hands are soiled by paint, varnish, graffiti, oil, glue, PU, ​​2-component paints, ink, glue, filler, ink, etc. Are you looking for a garage soap? Then we can give you our Apply Soap NF .

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Content: 350 ML, 3L | Colour: White | Packed per 12