Penetrating Oil

rust remover

  • Very good penetrating effect
  • Contains graphite and MoS2
  • Moisture-displacing

Are you looking for a rust remover with good lubricating properties? The Penetrating Oil meets these requirements. Penetrating Oil is a high quality and effective product that has been developed for loosening rusted parts. In addition to its rust-dissolving capacity, the product is also suitable for light lubrication with, for example, screws, bolts, nuts, hanging locks, tools, screw connections, guide rails, gears, garden tools, fastening materials and spinning reels, etc.

Penetrating Oil has a very good penetrating effect, contains graphite and MoS2, is moisture-displacing and anti-corrosive. The product creates a focused spray pattern and the 360° valve can be used at any angle.

Item: 800548
Colour: Black | Packed per 12 | Content: 500ML