Parts Cleaner

Degreaser / Brake Cleaner

  • Very fast and powerful degreaser
  • Powerful spray jet
  • Leaves no residue

Parts Cleaner is a fast and powerful degreaser / brake cleaner that is suitable for many purposes. The product dries quickly and leaves no residue. Parts Cleaner is suitable for various surfaces. In addition, the product has a powerful spray jet. The Parts Cleaner is ideal for thorough cleaning of disc brakes and brake parts such as brake pads, brake shoes and clutch plates.

The product can also be used for deep cleaning of injectors, oil and petrol filters and pumps. The Parts Cleaner thoroughly cleans electrical contacts and switching elements. The Parts Cleaner ensures an absolutely grease-free surface in preparation for bonding and/or sealing work.

Item: 805555
Colour: Transparent | Packed per 24 | Content: 600 ML