No-Crack Premium

acrylic sealant

  • Elongation at break of 220%
  • Can be painted wet-on-wet with water-based systems
  • Very high solids content
  • Limits the chance of crackle

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No-Crack Premium is a very high-quality acrylic sealant that can be painted over with many types of paint. The product has a very high solids content, which means that after curing virtually no shrinkage takes place and crackle and/or discoloration of the paint is kept to a minimum.

Despite its high solids content, No-Crack Premium has an elongation at break of no less than 220%. The combination of these 2 properties makes it possible that the No-Crack Premium can also be used with materials with different expansion coefficients. For example, you can think of sealing seams between a wall and a staircase, or between a frame and a wall.

No-Crack Premium is best processed with the Seal Gun.


Item: 102064
Content: 310 ML | Colour: White | Packed per 24