Ceramic Grease EP

Assembly paste

  • Excellent, long-lasting lubricating properties
  • Water Displacing
  • Contains no metal particles
  • Peak temperature resistant up to +1600°C
  • Packed in a unique air pressure packaging

Assembly paste enriched with ceramic particles

Ceramic Grease EP is a high-quality, universally applicable anti-seize and assembly paste that has a very high pressure resistance. Because the product is enriched with ceramic particles, it has very good lubricating properties. Ceramic Grease EP protects against corrosion and has water-displacing properties. Thanks to its unique composition, this mounting paste keeps threaded connections normal, even after prolonged exposure to heat and atmospheric influences.

Ceramic Grease contains ceramic particles instead of metal particles, which provides excellent protection against electrolytic corrosion. Electrolytic corrosion can occur when different metals come into contact with each other and the energy is increased to such an extent that the corrosion process is considerably accelerated. This process is prevented by the insulating effect of the Ceramic Grease EP. The Ceramic Grease EP is packed in a unique air pressure packaging.

Item: 800575
Color: Beige | Packed per 12 | Content: 200 ML