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Kimband, but just that little bit better!

Kim band is one of the oldest materials used in the construction world. The product is used as an additional lock on the door in wet areas such as bathrooms. An applied tape can certainly offer a solution when sealant seams fail due to, for example, poor application. Kimband is also used at the connections of the basement floors to upright masonry.


The system of applying kimband works as follows. You start by applying the paste to the places where the chinband is placed. After placing, the chinband is pressed into the paste. Then an extra layer of paste is placed over the bilge. When these steps are completed, an optical seal has been created. However, this form of sealing is so sensitive to errors (think of folds in the belt), that there is no guarantee at all. Also, only the corners are sealed, so water that runs along the tire can still cause damage.


The WaterTight System

For the reasons described above, PremTech has developed a system that not only offers you much more security. The application is also considerably simpler. We have called this system the PremTech WaterTight System. So do you also want to experience the security and simplicity of PremTech's WaterTight System? Then contact us quickly. Our team of advisors has national coverage and are always very willing to personally explain the advantages of this system and/or give you a demonstration on location!


The components of this system are the Seal & Glue for sealing the seams in the corners and Spray seal for realizing the actual seal.