Instant Gasket

Liquid gasket

  • High temperature resistance
  • Very flexible
  • Perfect gasket maker

Instant Gasket is a durable, heat-resistant, 1-component polyethylene rubber with a temperature resistance up to 250°C. After application, this liquid gasket reacts with the moisture from the air and forms a durable rubber. Instant Gasket has been developed as a liquid gasket for automotive, industrial and marine engines. The product is also very suitable for sealing sump pans, water pumps, mounting hoses, valve covers, valve control covers and thermostats.

Not just a liquid gasket

In addition to the applications mentioned, the Instant Gasket has a number of other areas of application. For example, the product is suitable for repairing worn rubber, sealing oven doors and heating installations and sealing seams where very high temperature resistance is required. In addition, the Instant Gasket is highly resistant to mineral and synthetic oils. In direct contact with petrol and diesel, the product will swell, but will retain its function for 100%.

Colour: Black | Packed per 12 | Content: 200 ML