Glue Layer Tape

High Tack Tape

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  • Available in various sizes
  • Very flexible (1000% elongation)
  • Very suitable for difficult surfaces

Glue Layer Tape is a pressure sensitive high tack tape, designed for bonding on difficult substrates. The product can be used, for example, for the installation of spoilers, polyester roofs and for multimedia and car kits.

High Tack Tape as a solution for more difficult situations

Glue Layer Tape is also perfectly suited for connecting caravan walls and frames, fixing floor coverings, decoration, ceiling strips, plastic profiles and skirting boards. In addition to the applications mentioned above, the Glue Layer Tape is also excellent for mounting and sealing PE foil in cavity walls and frames.

Item: Not available
Colour: Transparent | Packed per 12 | Contents: 12 X 0,4 x 30 M, 12 X 1,0 x 20 M, 19 X 0,4 x 30 M, 19 X 1,0 x 20 M