Elastic Foam

Flexible Pur

  • Sound insulating up to 63 dB
  • Elongation at break of 45%
  • Average yield of 37 liters
  • Cuttable after 35 minutes
  • Low VOC content

Elastic Foam is a very flexible PU on a 1-component foam basis. The product has excellent adhesion to many types of surfaces, has been tested for air loss at 1026Pa according to EN1050 and has high insulating values.

When used, this flexible PU has an average yield of no less than 37 litres. In addition, the Elastic Foam can be cut after 35 minutes and the product has an elongation to break of 45%. This means that Elastic Foam can easily move along with the action of other materials and/or constructions.

Elastic Foam has been specially developed as part of the 'AirTight System' from PremTech's 'Building Systems'. The product makes rooms airtight and provides thermal insulation in architectural constructions.

It is best to use our for the correct processing of the Elastic Foam Pur Applicator. 

Item: 102221
Content: 750 ML | Colour: White | Packed per 12