Clear Seal

transparent sealant

  • Almost does not shrink
  • Isocyanate, solvent and silicone-free
  • Especially suitable for indoor applications
  • Limited UV resistance

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Unique transparent sealant

Clear Seal is a high-quality transparent sealant with excellent adhesive properties. The product is composed on the basis of MS polymers. The Clear Seal can be used for bonding and sealing on various surfaces such as: metal, wood, stone, plaster, glass, clay, lead, copper, concrete and many plastics. A major advantage of the product is that it hardly shrinks and is free of solvents and silicones.

In addition to the properties mentioned above, the Clear Seal is permanently flexible and the product achieves a high final strength. Note: Clear Seal can discolour in places where no or an abundance of UV light is present.

Item: 102106
Content: 290 ml | Colour: Transparent | Packed per 24