Cartridge Gun LS

Lube Shuttle grease gun for open lubrication positions

  • Universal grease gun for Lube Shuttle cartridges
  • Very easy processing
  • Includes special Lube Shuttle Nozzle

Cartridge Gun LS is a universal lube shuttle grease gun for Lube Shuttle cartridges. The product is ideal for lubricating all open lubrication positions. The Cartridge Gun LS comes standard with a special nozzle for the Lube Shuttle cartridges.

Lube shuttle grease gun

The Cartridge Gun LS is designed for open lubrication positions. This unique grease gun can therefore be used as a kind of sealant gun, as it were. The standard supplied nozzle makes it possible to apply the grease to any desired location. The Cartridge Gun LS can be used in combination with the UniGrease 280LS and the UniGrease MPLS.

Item: 400065
Colour: Black | Packed per 1