Alu Grease

Aluminum Lubricant

  • Highly pressure and temperature resistant
  • Prevents eating
  • Protects against salt and water
  • Anti-seize operation

Alu Grease is a corrosion resistant, highly durable aluminum lubricant for slow speed applications where high pressure resistance is required. Even at extreme temperatures optimum emergency lubrication is obtained. The Alu Grease can be used on parts that get hot such as: engine parts, turbines, ovens, central heating systems, exhaust systems and lambda probes.

The product is also suitable for other industrial applications where heat is released. Alu Grease is used as a lubricant and assembly paste, ideal against seizing threaded connections and tapping damaged threads.

Item: 800563
Colour: Aluminum | Packed per 12 | Content: 200 ML