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2004 – Creation of PremTech

With an enormous experience in the industry, PremTech was founded with the aim of developing and supplying high-quality products to the Automotive market. At the time, the official company name was PremTech (abbreviated from Premium Technologies) CarComplete BV, because the supply of audio products was one of its core tasks.

2012 – PremTech stops supplying audio products

From that moment on, the focus and priority has been fully on developing and marketing liquid technical maintenance and repair products for the Automotive industry.

2015 – Intensification of cooperation with various laboratories and filling parties

The development of own products is simplified and further professionalised. The market focus also changed from just Automotive to a focus on Construction, Industry, Mobility, Rail and Automotive. For these reasons, the name of PremTech CarComplete BV changed to PremTech BV in 2015

2017 – New growth phase

PremTech is increasingly seen as an advisory partner, resulting in enormous growth. In addition to its own brand, PremTech markets a number of private labels. The high-quality products of PremTech in a jacket of the relevant customer.

2018 – Development of systems for construction

Systems are being developed in collaboration with various parties. The airtight building concept and the system (link to page joint sealing system) for waterproof sealing of wet cells are good examples of this.

2018 – A more International character

PremTech's products are starting to find their way to countries such as Austria, Sweden, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and India. This year, PremTech also finds its first distributor abroad. These developments are the starting signal for further expansion of international growth and the realization of international ambitions.

2019 – Expansion with office in Enschede

In 2019, the size of the company has grown significantly. A substantial part of the employees comes from Enschede, which means that an office will be opened in Enschede in July of this year. PremTech now works from Woerden, where storage, finance and distribution take place. And from Enschede, where product development, marketing and sales are facilitated and managed.

2020 – New proposition

This year we are working on a new proposition for the PremTech brand. After years of growing, there is time to reflect and look to the future. What does PremTech stand for and what is unique about PremTech. A brand story (link to we connect page) and the impetus for a new look is the result, which prepares the company for the future. We connect… on all levels.

2021 – New corporate identity

The next step is taken. The PremTech logo and complete house style are being overhauled to better match the company's core values ​​and new proposition. A new logo is being developed. A drop, consisting of three drops that merge into one, which perfectly reflects the core competencies of the organization. The new webshop will be launched at the end of April and all products will also be given a new look. From clean white to black with clear color indications for the different product groups. The content remains the same, of the highest quality as the customer is used to, the appearance is only adapted to the content.

2022 – Creation of PremTech International

In order to better guarantee (international) growth, PremTech International BV will be established this year. PremTech International BV is now the owner of the PremTech brand. Many internally oriented operations, such as production, product management, purchasing and marketing, are organized from the new operating company. PremTech BV is from now on an official distributor of PremTech International BV for the Dutch market.

Future – Growing internationally while preserving core values

The down-to-earth, down-to-earth organization with high-quality products will remain PremTech. The customer comes first and together we come to the best solution for the issue. But the growth of the organization continues across borders. They are also becoming a major player there and internal space is being created to be able to serve the international market even better. The market focus is Construction, Industry, Rail and Automotive.